Best 4 Persons Tent under 200 for Perfect Group Camping

4 Persons Tent under 200If you are planning to go on a family or group camping tour, the right family tent is the next necessity of you. And when you are on a budget, getting the best 4 persons tent under 200 is your best option to avoid any whining.

Once you get the right four persons tents in such affordable pricing, you can take kids with you. It will help them love nature and wilderness more. Also, the hiking, mountain biking and high climbing rocks will provide you with fun and entertainment for the year.

However, getting the four persons camping tent with a tight budget isn’t a morning walk. You need to consider the fabrics, rainfly quality, sturdiness, carrying convenience and many more. And finally, you would want to integrate them with the budget.

While finding such combination can be difficult, our review on the 4 persons camping tent under $200 will help you immensely.
At a Glance

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent
  • Area: 64 square feet
  • Fabric: 75D 185T poly taffeta
  • Height: 52”
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Weanas 4 Person Tent
  • Area: 47.64 square feet
  • Fabric: 210T polyester and B3 nylon
  • Height: 51.6”
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Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent
  • Area: 59.9 square feet
  • Fabric: Polyester fabric
  • Height: 40”
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AmazonBasics 4 Person Dome Tent
  • Area: 63 square feet
  • Fabric: 1000D Polyester fabric
  • Height: 48”
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Core Equipment 4 Person Instant Tent
  • Area: 63 square feet
  • Fabric: Premium polyester fabric
  • Height: 54”
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Reviews Of  The Best 4 Persons Tent Under 200

Admittedly, there are dozens of cheap camping tent for four persons. However, it would effectively help if you looked at a tent that accommodates 3-4 persons and packs a lightweight construction. Hence, we cherry-picked the six four-person tents to keep you safe and happy even when the situation isn’t so pleasant.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

alps mountaineering 4 person tentWhether you are a beginner camper or a pro, you will love the convenience and comfort this ALPS Mountaineering tent promises to everyone.

The two aluminum poles are hooked with the premium fabric to give the ALPS Mountaineering 4 person tent its pleasing shape. Also, the pole clipping is super easy, and so, you won’t experience the assembly frustrations anymore.

Also, the poles are made sturdy to withstand against strong winds.

The rain fly of the camper tent is made of waterproof and UV-resistant polyester fabric. So, inside the tent, you remain safe and comfortable. The two vestibules inside lets you store and arrange all gears for quick access.

Since the tent is made for four persons, it houses two doorways for easy exit and entry. And as you stay inside, its updated and increased breathability keep you cool and dry. Also, you won’t feel the outside heat.

All the seals are seamlessly sewn to ensure weather and waterproof floor and roof. Also, the floor is elevated to prevent wetness and bug invasion at night.

Key Specifications:

Area: 64 square feet

Weight: 8.4 lbs

Fabrics: 75D 185T poly taffeta

Height: 52”


  • Quick assembly and mounting
  • Easy exit and entry with two doorways
  • Water, UV and weatherproof
  • Quick storage pockets
  • Sturdy poles and construction


  • The windows partly reveal your privacy
  • Not for cold seasons

Luxe Tempo Lightweight 4 Person Tent

lightweight 4 person tentThis lightweight 4 person tent is a dream for every camper, thanks to its roomy interior and premium built quality. The tent is made of 210T polyester fabric. It is 25% stronger than traditional tent fabrics. So, it promises to serve longer than most of us actually anticipate.

Its aluminum poles are sturdy and durable too. The best part of the camping tent is its bathtub style floor. It bears all kinds of abrasion for long-lasting and repeated use. Also, the seams are sealed with tapes to prevent wetness for a comfy interior.

The hook rainfly and the entire tent fabric is made ultra-light. In fact, its 7.7 lbs weight is by any means easy to carry for a 4-persons tent standard. Also, the nice carry pack supports portability more.

For comfort at night, it has storm flaps and reflective guylines. These together prevent outside light from entering into the tent at night. Also, the guylines and stakes bring added stability to play. So, you can stay inside and enjoy the wilderness.

Also, the interior is spacious for four persons, and the 49.2” central height supports easy movement. Last but not least, the breathable fabric and two roof vents ensure a condensation-free inside for perfect resting and sleep.

Key Specifications:

Area: 59.04 square feet

Weight: 7.7 lbs

Fabrics: 210T polyester taffeta

Height: 49.2”


  • Two vestibules for added storage
  • Usable in hot and cold weather
  • Taped seals prevent wetness and heat
  • Spacious interior for four-person


  • The zippers wear out soon

Weanas Professional 4 Person Tent

4 person backpacking tentDo you want to experience a family camping with superior comfort but don’t want to spend much for the tent? Well, then we would like you to look at the Weanas 4 person backpacking tent and give it strong consideration.

The cheap 4 person tent has a classic design, both indoor and outdoor, to satisfy your visuals. Also, the two doorways ensure convenient exit and entry for all campers. The interior eve has two skylight ventilation systems. So, you can enjoy the fresh air and night sky to make your camping time a memorable one.

The backpacking tent is usable in all-weather. So, you can plan for a trip any time of the year whit the Weanas 4 person tent.

The waterproof capacity is rated at 4000mm, which is more than our expectations. Also, the backpacking tent features professional weatherproof and heat-resistance capacity. So, when you enter the tent after a long camping or expedition time, take rest with premium comfort.

Finally, the strong skeleton made the tent windproof, and the breathable nylon ensures adequate ventilation for all users.

Key Specifications:

Area: 47.64 square feet

Weight: 6.2 lbs

Fabrics: 210T polyester and B3 nylon

Height: 51.6”


  • You can choose from 2, 3 or 4 person option
  • Extremely lightweight backpack design
  • One person installation possible
  • Airy mesh and ventilated skylight


  • The interior is a bit constrained

Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent

coleman 4 person pop up tent

You can enjoy comfort and convenience to the fullest with this Coleman 4-person pop-up tent and that too under $200. Also, Coleman has earned a fair share of reputation in the tent manufacturing industry, which further assures you of its quality service.

The poles of the tent are pre-assembled and colour-coded. So, you can actually set up the tent in less than one minute. Also, it won’t need more than one person.

The rainfly design supports multipurpose functioning. At one end it protects you from rain and heat, and on other ends, it ensures the right ventilation. So, the rainfly is a perfect combo of ventilation and safety. On top of this, the fabric is UV and waterproof. Also, the seams are taped to keep the floor dry even if the ground is wet.

And when you stay inside, take advantage of the roomy interior of the to remain comfortable. Also, the spacious interior helps Coleman pop up tent 4 person accommodate four adults and all gears smoothly. The storage pockets are integrated to arrange you everything sequentially.

Hence, beginners and professionals have built a strong affinity for the backpacking tent.

Key Specifications:

Area: 59.9 square feet

Weight: 7.07 lbs

Fabrics: Polyester fabric

Height: 40”


  • Ten seconds set up and easy folding
  • It has additional storage space to arrange everything
  • You can roll off the rainfly for a better view
  • The perfect combination of adequate ventilation and protection


  • At times the rainfly and floor may leak; add tarp for waterproofness.

AmazonBasics 4 Person Dome Tent

4 person dome tentDurable, strong and stylish, that’s what truly portrays the outdoor camping tent from Amazon Basics. Its orange and grey color combination provides a pleasing visual and also great for photography.

Apart from the outlook, this dome-shaped tent serves you in all weather. So, whether it is a stormy winter night or a bright sunny day, you can comfortably live inside the 4 person dome tent. Also, the free-standing style is quick to setup.

The polyester fabric is coated and welded seamlessly to prevent rain, water, wind and UV rays for a comfy stay in it. Furthermore, the tub style floor has a 1000D polyurethane fabric and taped seam to stop wetness coming inside.

The rainfly supports removability to help you enjoy the night sky even when you stay inside and enjoy the coziness. Also, the rainfly removability ensures increased airflow to keep you dry and cool. That’s why it is a 3-season usable outdoor tent.

The poles are shock-corded, and the pole sleeves feature a continuous snag-free installation. Also, the tent setup is smooth. Lastly, when you are done with the camping store, everything in a backpack, and go home with great memories.

Key Specifications:

Area: 63 square feet

Weight: 8.60 lbs

Fabrics: 1000D Polyester fabric

Height: 48”


  • Easy to set up and store
  • Spacious interior for four persons
  • Removable rainfly for maximum breathability
  • The tub-style floor keeps wetness at bay.


  • The closure zipper wears out soon
  • Won’t withstand strong wind

Core Equipment 4 Person Instant Tent

4 person instant tentThis 4 person instant tent is suitable for those who dislike spending much time in mounting the camping tent while touring and expedition. You can use the instant pop-up tent for scout camping, backyard party and backpacking tour.

The best part you can set up the dome-shaped tent in less than 30 seconds. It has a ‘D’ style tent door. So, every person can quickly enter and exit the tent when necessary. What’s more, the interior is spacious enough to accommodate four individuals in sleeper bags.

But if you can wish, you can mount one queen-sized mattress inside for super comfy sleep and resting. On top of that, the polyurethane floor is tough enough to support high traffic and prevent ground wetness.

The inside also facilitates a gear loft and storage pockets to store everything and illuminate the night time with a lantern. Isn’t it impressive?

Furthermore, the Core tent has a futuristic H2O block technology. It includes water-repellent tent fabrics, taped and sealed seams with rainfly. Even the door and windows have been locked for water and heat-resistance.

Hence, you will love taking the 4 person tent with screened porch with you in every adventure to enjoy comfort and convenience.

Key Specifications:

Area: 63 square feet

Weight: 12.1 lbs

Fabrics: Premium polyester fabric

Height: 54”


  • Instant 30 seconds set up
  • Easy exit and entry
  • Storage space and nighttime lantern
  • Taped ad durable seams


  • The zipper sometimes get stuck


Camping is, surely, a great way to improve familial and friendship bonds. So, many people plan for a family or group tour. These six outdoor best 4 persons tent under 200 will help everyone complete their expedition or weekend backpacking in a budget.

We picked only those tents that a spacious and comfortable interior for four persons. So, you can easily install four sleeping bags or a queen-sized mattress for a sound sleep. Also, these tents come well under $200 to fit your budget.

Nonetheless, if you want to enjoy the comfort of these comfortable and easy to carry tents in repetitive occasions, maintain them properly. It includes cleaning the fabric and gears as well as storing them properly.

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