The 7 Best Instant Cabin Tent – Reviews For 2020

After a hassling and long week, a weekend or holiday demands some recreational activity for fun and enjoyment. And nothing can come close to thrill, fun and adventure when it comes to outdoor camping. But for perfect outdoor camping, you need to get the best instant cabin tent.

However, selecting a suitable instant cabin tent is not a walk in the park, especially with the tons of premium choices available. And when you don’t know what features to look for and what not to for an outing camping tent with instant setup, it becomes even more demanding.

So, we have researched and picked these seven popular and top-selling instant cabin tents from Coleman, Ozark and Core to meet your needs.

The pre-installed frames of these tens will save time during the installation and take your camping experience to the next level of comfort and fun.


At a Glance

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup
  • Interior: 14X10 feet
  • Fabric: Polyguard 2X fabric
  • Center Height: 6 feet and 7 inches
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CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • Interior: 14X9 feet
  • Fabric: 68D polyester fabric
  • Center Height: 78 inches
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CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • Interior: 18X10 feet
  • Fabric: 68D polyester fabric
  • Center Height: 80 inches
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Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • Interior: 16X16 feet
  • Fabric: Waterproof polyester fabric
  • Center Height: 78 inches
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CORE 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • Interior: 14.5X14 feet
  • Fabric: Water-repellant polyester fabric
  • Center Height: 60 inches
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Best Instant Cabin Tent Reviews

Whether you are a hiker, camper or an adventurer, getting an instant cabin may be difficult at times. And the reality is that you must get one for a promising and comfortable expedition tour. Hence, we will review seven tents with instant setup possible to help you come up against all the odds.

1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

coleman instant cabin tentYou can set up the Coleman Cabin Tent in less than 60 seconds, thanks to its pre-installed poles and easier pitching. So, your adventure is simply a minute away with a tent.

The cabin interior is exceptionally spacious and accommodates four queen-sized airbeds. So, it is perfect for a family or group tent. Also, the center height is 6 feet and 7 inch that is high enough to allow most people to stand inside the tent.

The Coleman instant cabin tent also features a room divider for each side. So, everyone will enjoy their privacy. Also, the hinged door is perfect for quick exit and entry. And as you sleep after tiring hiking, the DarkRoom patented technology of Coleman ensures the sunlight doesn’t enter the room in the morning.

So, you won’t have to wake up with the sunrise and enjoy the lazy time during the early morning. And at night, when you return from the expedition, its reflective guyline will provide maximum visibility. So, you can find the 4 person instant cabin tent from a distance.

What’s more, you can choose from three versions of the instant camp- four, six and ten-person space. Lastly, when you finish the expedition, you can quickly fold the tent and keep it in a carry bag. The carry bag also is expandable for extra storage which is a great benefit for the Coleman 10 person instant cabin tent.

Key Features:

Interior: 14X10 feet

Center height: 6 feet and 7 inches

Fabric: Polyguard 2X fabric

Weight:  42 pounds

Accommodation: 10-persons (max.)

  • It protects 90% sunlight during the daytime.
  • WeatherTec System and waterproof fabric
  • You can pitch it within 60 seconds
  • Integrated rainfly with comfortable breathability
  • Sometimes the tent doesn’t come with the waterproof facility

2. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

core 9 person instant cabin tentA perfect cabin tent for family or friends to go on a weekend expedition that we had to include in our review is the Core Instant Cabin Tent for 9 persons. This cabin tent has everything you may ask for in an economic tent.

First off, the 14’X9’ floor space allows nine people to sleep with ample space. Also, you can fit two queen-sized mattresses for added comfort. Moreover, the 78” center height is spacious to allow easy movement within the cabin.

The cabin even has adjustable intake vents for air. So, the advanced venting system passes hot air outside and brings cold air inside for a comfortable interior. It makes your stay in the cabin, even breezier.

Also, the oversized mesh ceiling lets you enjoy the night sky for a memorable experience. And when you sense it is raining, quickly cover the cabin with an inclusive rainfly.

Its 68D polyester is capable of withstanding 600mm rating. Also, H2O technology has taped the seams flawlessly. Also, the seams are made with heat-sealing that keeps water at bay. Also, the entire cabin including floor, wall and rainfly is UV and heat-treated for a comfy inside.

Besides, the durable design, the cabin also focuses on comfort and privacy. Every compartment of the Core 9 person instant cabin tent is divided with the room divided and has a large T-door for accessible entrance.

Key Features:

Interior: 14X9 feet

Center height: 78 inches

Fabric: 68D polyester fabric

Weight:  30.5 pounds

Accommodation: 9-persons (max.)

  • Spacious interior for nine adults
  • Lightweight design offers easy portability
  • Steel telescoping poles withstand strong wind
  • The ventilation offers maximum breathability
  • The rainfly is easily removable
  • The window top doesn’t close which may be a bit odd to many people
  • The door zipper leaves a whole underneath the door.

3. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

core 12 person instant cabin tent

If you aren’t afraid of spending a handsome amount for a high-quality cabin tent, the Core Instant Cabin will top your priority list. The cabin comes with some surprising benefits and features to meet every camper and hiker needs.

Twelve adults will sleep comfortably inside the 18’X10’ floor space. Everyone can comfortably sleep in the airbag. And if there are fewer campers, everyone can sleep with their gears aside.  Furthermore, you can set up three airbags if you all want to share a common platform for the night.

The center has 80” height to allow every camper to move freely. When you stay inside, the room divider will ensure your privacy.  Also, the advanced venting system permits cold air to come inside and lets the hot air go outside. It also prevents humidity condensation inside the cabin.

Hence, you will enjoy a cool and dry interior even when the outside temperature is scorching and moisture.

The Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is made of 68D polyester and has a removable rainfly. Both come handy to prevent water, rain and heat. All these ensure a durable service and added comfort for the cabin dwellers.

Lastly, the steel stakes and telescopic poles keep the tent firmly hold during the windy conditions. So, it will stand steel during the harsh weather.

Key Features:

Interior: 18X10 feet

Center height: 80 inches

Fabric: 68D polyester fabric

Weight:  52.55 pounds

Accommodation: 12-persons (max.)

  • The cabin tent can be set up in less than two minutes.
  • It has three rooms and two doors for privacy and comfortable entry.
  • Three queen-sized beds and seven separate windows.
  • It is usable in three seasons.
  • It is an expensive cabin tent
  • It is a heavyweight tent

4. Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

ozark trail instant cabin tent

The Ozark trail instant cabin tent is a top-selling cabin from the Ozark, thanks to its excellent build quality and fast pitching construction.

With accommodate for 12 persons, this is a perfect family tent for a weekend expedition tour. Also, for group campers, it serves equally well. The cabin stands at 16 feet by 16 feet arrangement that can accommodate all the campers easily.

Also, its 78” height allows everyone to move easily inside the tent. There is only one door, but it is more spacious than two gates in space. Indeed, two adults can pass through the doorways at once without confronting the other.

Each side of the Ozark trail 12 person instant cabin tent has a big window for enhanced ventilation. Also, the windows have mesh design to keep the inside cooler while keeping bugs and mosquitos at bay.

Likewise, every model in the review list, this instant cabin tent also features a quick setup. Just unfold the tent and set up the stakes on the ground, and you are done with the installation. The fabric used in the camping cabin is water and heat-proof and performs moderately against raindrops.

Last but not least, the camping tent, the electrical access of the cabin comes handy for charging mobile phones and makes it a perfect family camping item.

Key Features:

Interior: 16X16 feet

Center height: 78 inches

Fabric: Waterproof polyester fabric

Weight:  61 pounds

Accommodation: 12-persons (max.)

  • A spacious doorway and four separated windows on each side
  • You can pitch the cabin tent in just less than 2 minutes
  • Room dividers for separate living and sleeping room
  • A front awning for day and nighttime relaxation
  • At 61 pounds this is a heavyweight cabin tent.
  • The water-resistance may wear out soon.

5. CORE 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

core 10 person instant cabin tent with screen room

This is another excellent cabin tent made for family fun or friends tour out in the mountain or lone island for summer. When you plan for an expedition tour during the hot summer days, help yourself with the Core Instant Cabin Tent for 10 persons to enjoy comfort and convenience.

The setup of the cabin is also made easiness in mind. First off, unfold the tent and then. Extend the legs on the ground for a superior fitting position. Lastly, extend the screen room and of you go- ready! The screen room is used for extra storage too.

During the warmer weather, you can remove the rainfly for increased ventilation. So, you may enjoy the starry night and take some astrophotography.

The air ventilation is increased with the updated technology. Also, the water repellent fabric keeps raindrops at bay. Lastly, the heat and UV-resistance of the material helps you feel calm and relaxed during the day and nighttime too.

All these features are responsible for a comfortable inside with added endurance in the harshest conditions.

Two D-doors lets you create multiple and separate living and sleeping room. Also, the individual room creation facility comes handy for extra privacy. Its 14.5’ by 14’ space is suitable for ten adults.

Finally, at 33.43 pounds weight, this cabin tent is reasonably lightweight, especially when we consider the ten-person accommodation and added screen room.

Key Features:

Interior: 14.5X14 feet

Center height: 60 inches

Fabric: Water-repellant polyester fabric

Weight:  33.43 pounds

Accommodation: 10-persons (max.)

  • Extremely lightweight and compact construction for added portability.
  • You can remove the rainfly to enjoy the starry night.
  • Screen room and wall organizer for your gears
  • Room divider for privacy and separate purposes
  • Well air ventilation ensures superior comfort
  • Its fabric is water-repellant and not waterproof; so, you need to apply waterproof sealer on it.

6. Coleman 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman 8 person instant cabin tent

Spacious, sturdy and elegant looking, these are the suitable words that we found to describe the Coleman 8-person tent genuinely. The interior is spacious for eight persons with 14 feet by 10 feet area. So, every camper can rest and sleep comfortably.

Also, it has a 77” central height that lets everyone inside walk with freeness like the home space.  Also, it is sufficient to stretch your hands for a morning exercise.

Apart from the comfort, Coleman has built the tent with sturdiness and durability in mind. That’s why they have used WeatherTec features in cabinet manufacturing. First off, the tub style floor design prevents wetness from the ground along with bug infestation.

There is a rainfly integrated with the tent to keep rainwater far away from you. Also, corners are welded, and seams are taped for further protection. So, it is a three season usable cabin tent.

It also features storage pockets to store smaller gears safely. Finally, the fabric has a 2X thickness to stand the rigorous use of everyday camping and hiking.

Key Features:

Interior: 14X10 feet

Center height: 77 inches

Fabric: 2X thick polyester fabric

Weight: 39 pounds

Accommodation: 8-perosns (max.)

  • Durable and rugged design with superior comfort
  • Usable in all weather and seasons with increased endurance
  • The convention pitching only takes 60 seconds or less
  • It is lightweight and so, supports easy carriage
  • It is an expensive cabin tent

7. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Awning

core 6 person instant cabin tent

If you want to spend some leisure time while enjoying the fresh air outside the tent but without being sun-kissed, we recommend the Core Instant Cabin Tent with Awning. The awning extension lets you seat in the cabin front and enjoy nature.

Also, it is spacious enough for 6 persons with an 11’X9’ floor plan. And when you have a smaller tourist group, sleep comfortably on the queen-sized mattress. It has a height of 72” that allows most people to stand tall in the awning.

The large T-shape door is ready for easy exit and entry. It cooperates with the windows for a breathable interior to keep moisture, and heat at bay. So, you are on the seven heavens of comfort with the Core 6 person instant cabin tent.

Furthermore, the tent has internal storage and wall organizer for every individual to store their clothing and gears safely. Its e-port access allows you to connect electricity for convenient usage.

Apart from the comfort, the 6 person instant cabin tent further ensures durability and quick pitching technology. It is made of 68D polyester. The rainfly, floor and wall all are relatively good against water and provides a nice water-repellent interior.

And at 24.5lbs weight, this cabin is lightweight enough to carry anywhere and everywhere.

Key Features:

Interior: 11X9 feet

Center height: 72 inches

Fabric: 68D polyester fabric

Weight:  24.5 pounds

Accommodation: 6-persons (max.)

  • You can quickly pitch the instant cabin tent in less than 60 seconds.
  • The e-port access is secured and provides necessary electricity inside.
  • The canopy awning supports a lovely sun shed place for leisure time.
  • Lots of storage space, including wall organizer inside.
  • The water-repellent feature will ask for maintenance.
  • The seams are not well taped. You can use sealers to increase their effectiveness.


When you plan for a family camping tour or a group expedition, taking a sizeable instant cabin tent is more suitable than carrying multiple outdoor tents.

Our review on the best instant cabin tent for outdoor backpacking tour includes different spacing. You can choose for four persons, six persons, and even for 12 persons tour.

So, you are at liberty to pick the right cabin. Nonetheless, all these cabin tents are from the industry-leading manufacturers speaking of their quality and satisfactory servicing.

We recommend you to maintain the cabins for lasting service life. It includes cleaning them after each tour and store in a dry place for the next camping.

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