Top 5 Best Pop Up Tents of 2020 (Reviewed)

Having a top-notch pop up tent is essential to a carefree and relaxing camping trip. They save time and effort by taking away the trouble of a manual setup. 

This is because these tents are designed to open up on their own in a matter of seconds. You don't need any extra skills or practice to assemble them!

If you're the kind of person who likes camping but isn't too keen about the idea of spending a lot of time setting up camp, then pop up tents are the way to go.

We looked through the market to make this short list of some of the best pop up tents suitable for all kinds of camping needs. Keep reading to learn about these tents and choose one for your next adventure!

Overview: Top 5 Best Pop Up Tents

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Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

Mesh windows in the front and back provide high breathability while maintaining privacy.

Double doors on both sides.

Risk-free satisfaction guarantee.


Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent

Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent.

Inverted seams for weather protection.

Welding inspired technology ensures waterproof floors.

Custom engineered poles that make for a wind-resistant frame.


Zomake Pop Up Tent

Zomake Pop Up Tent.

Waterproof and anti-UV material.

Large windows and D doors for proper ventilation.

Easy pop-open design.


Moon Lense Instant Pop Up Tent

Moon Lence Instant Pop Up Tent.

Professionally tested waterproof fabric - fit for all weather conditions.

5 mesh windows and 1 door for excellent ventilation.

Enough room for 4 to 5 people.




Double layered waterproof fabric.

Fiberglass struts ensure a robust and wind-resistant frame.

Mesh door for extra security.


Top 5 Best Pop Up Tents of 2020 (Review)

1. Abco Tech Pop Up Tent - Best Overall

Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

High-quality design isn’t the only good thing about this one. These tents offer 3 things perfectly: effortless camping, complete privacy, and comfortable accommodation. It’s super easy to use. Just pick a spot and pop it up right away to spend quality time outdoors. 

It’s spacious enough for two people to stay comfortably. So, it’s great for a couples' retreat or a children's night out in the backyard. It has double-layered doors on each side, and an extra zippered screen within to ensure complete privacy while keeping the airflow uninterrupted. Its lightweight and compact packaging also make it very easy to travel with.


  • Incredibly easy to set up and take down.
  • Heavy-duty build and material ensure that it lasts through repeated use.
  • Quality-tested high breathability.


  • May experience leaks under heavy rain.
  • May not be comfortable for very tall people.

2. Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent - Runner-Up

Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent

Coleman is a big name when it comes to outdoor accessories. They claim to help people make fun memories by providing all the camping tools essential for a perfect outdoor experience. And this tent from such a trusted brand is a perfect addition to a camping trip or a festival. It can pop up in a snap and keep you dry and warm in any condition. It also offers simple storage options and adequate portability.


  • Takes only 10 seconds to set up.
  • A perfect balance between ventilation and protection due to the multi-position rainfly.
  • Adequate room for two sleeping beds.


  • Can’t fit in a backpack.
  • No manufacturer warranty or replacements.

3. Zomake Pop Up Tent

Zomake Pop Up Tent

1-person tents and 2-person tents are great, sure. But sometimes, you need a bigger room for larger parties too, right? Zomake has you covered. This large pop up tent is the ideal tool for family vacations on the beach or mountain treks with a group of friends. 

It’s spacious enough for 3 to 4 people, and it has UV protected sun shelter to prevent direct sun contact. The easy assembly design opens on both sides and is very easy to clean. It’s also great for kids’ sleepovers.


  • Waterproof and anti-UV material.
  • Absolutely zero setup required - just throw it to pop open.
  • The base is made of durable tarp material.


  • Though the manufacturer says that it accommodates 3 to 4 people, it actually depends on the size of the people using it.

4. Moon Lense Instant Pop Up Tent

Moon Lense Instant Pop Up Tent

Moon Lense is another popular brand when it comes to outdoor accessories. They make various tents of unique and stylish designs fit for all kinds of camping needs. One good example of their unique designs can be seen with this one. 

It has a nice pyramid shape and 5 windows for excellent ventilation and a hip, fashionable look. They also come in bright colors, which make them stand out in summer festivals and nature outings. On top of that, these tents can hold 4-5 people, so these are great for family getaways.


  • Ample space inside - can easily fit a queen-sized mattress.
  • Incredibly lightweight for easy carrying.
  • Thick waterproof rainfly and meshed inner tent.


  • Taking down can take a little longer.
  • The plastic parts may not be durable in harsh conditions.

5. RISEPRO - URPRO Pop Up Tent


Let’s say, you’re adventurous and outdoorsy, and you don't need much to have fun. When you’re on a camping trip or a hike, you spend almost the entire time outside. All you need to sleep at night on such a trip is a ceiling and four walls - no fancy or extra features required. In that case, this one is the tent for you. 

It’s simply an old school tent with a mesh door to keep insects out. But the double-layered waterproof fabric is what makes this tent a great deal. You can sleep soundly in any weather conditions.


  • Comes with an additional top cover.
  • Very light and easily portable - just tie the carrying bag to your backpack.
  • Double zippers on the door for added convenience.


  • Is comparably small.


When it comes to tents, it all boils down to personal preference. We tested a lot of pop up tents, and from our perspective, Abco Tech is the best one you can get in 2020.

It checks all the boxes. Hopefully, we were helpful in putting together this information for you, and hopefully you've been able to find the tent you were looking for in our review!

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