How To Fold A Tent – Become A Master With These Tips

As all outdoor enthusiast know, making a camp without having a good quality tent can be disastrous.  Just as important in knowing how to properly setup our tent is also how to properly dissemble and fold your tent. If you don’t have prior experience, you may be are spellbound about trying to get that big tent back into what now looks like a small storage bag.

Setting up a tent can be a pretty easy job and often gets most of the attention however folding your tent and packing it up can be just as important! The campers can tell you the facts of how many problems they have experienced. Improper folding and packing can damage the tent as it leads to creases in the material and added forces on the zippers and seams. It may seen falsely intuitive, but tt is important to know how to properly put away your tent into its storage bag or sleeve.

What Kind of Tent You Have?

Different situations different types of tents. It can also depend on your personal preferences for what tent you will use. On the other hand, tent packing instruction, tips & tricks are equally important no matter what the situation or your preference. Next we will cover the going to cover the basic mechanics to on how to fold a cabin and how to fold a dome tent.

Basic Mechanics For Typical Tent Folding

Tent packing steps may vary tent to tent. But you will be able to get it back in a bag even though you don’t know the actual instruction of a specific tent. That is why the basic steps are important for every camper.

  • Start the process by making sure the tent is completely empty and clean. Get rid of any sand or dirt that may have made it’s way inside. You do not want to start the next time you need to use it cleaning it out.
  • Pull all the stakes you may have drove into the ground while setting up.
  • Unzip the door to relieve any air out, this will help you get the tent folded as small as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • Slide out the poles after collapsing the tent. Remove any stakes wipe them off if they are dirty.
  • Flatten the tent on the ground once again ensure there is no air between the layers/
  • Start folding and keep folding until the folded dimensions match the bag’s length, typically halving it 3 times.
  • At this time, you have to roll it. You should apply your body pressure while rolling to create tension. If you can apply pressure by the hands, that’s ok. But using the knee is a good option. The pressure is needed because you want to make it compact.
  • Then tie the tent with a rope around each end. Tighten the rope as it doesn’t affect the tent.
  • Thats it! Just put it in the bag, there shouldn’t be much fighting to get it into the bag. If there is, repeat folding and rolling to get the package tighter.

How To Fold Tent

How To Fold A Cabin Tent

Generally, a cabin tent has one more room and spaces inside. This type of tent is not so easy to fit it back into the back. It comes with more materials and a tight bag. That is why it is more challenging to keep it back into the bag if the steps are not followed correctly. But with the following steps, it’s a simple task for you.

  • Take out all the stakes surrounding the tent and make sure there is no stake tied down.
  • The cabin tent usually has many poles. Remove all of them also.
  • Lay it on the ground and ensure the tent is in either rectangular or square shape.
  • Fold it to its half and sweep out the air from inside. At the same time, you also need to ensure it is flat nicely after folding. Then fold it again. Match the size of the storage bag to the folded tent. If the bag length is similar or slightly larger than the folded length, then it is ok.
  • Now put all the poles at one end and then start rolling. You should use your body weight while rolling as you want to get it as compact as possible.
  • You should also ensure the tent will stay rolled. So, tie around both end and you can also tie at the middle if necessary.
  • Now just place it in the bag and close the bag’s opening. You’ve done.

How To Fold A Dome Tent

Most of the time we use dome tent for group camping as it provides more space. Its packing procedure is not so difficult. At the same time, it is also not easy when you don’t know the instruction.

  • Keep straight the flysheet and fold it vertically. Make sure you are folding the flysheet keeping its outer part inside. And fold for the second time lengthwise ensure its outer part inside here also.
  • Grab the ends of the fly to meet the closest pole. And gather the edges of the fly to the center. If you can do it correctly, you will have the same width of each pole.
  • Roll up the fly and start from the top part. After that tie the fly securely with a rope or elastic band.
  • Now lay the tent and make sure the zippers are closed.
  • The canopy should be flat and lay the excess fabric over the back door.
  • Fold the vestibule with keeping the top part lying on top to lie over the body. If your dome tent doesn’t have the vestibule, just skip this step.
  • Fold each side towards the center and fold it again to its half. Now you have the quarter size of the total.
  • Now you have to pack everything together. And at this stage, you also need to pull the tent. You can definitely put all the things including poles, fly, and pegs on one end at a time. But add one thing and pull, then add another one and fold and end folding by this process is the best way.
  • Don’t forget to apply your body pressure while folding as you have to pack the tent as compact as possible. And finally, tie all it up tightly.
  • Now simply put it in the storage bag.

Things To Keep In Mind and Tent Care Tips

A silly mistake while fold up a tent can decrease the lifespan of your tent. We think you don’t want to make such kind of mistake. If so, you should pay more attention to this segment. We are going to give you tent care tips that should be in your mind always.

  • Read the instruction carefully to be familiar with the particular tent that you’ve bought.
  • Handle the zippers and poles with care all time. Always use some caution when zipping up and unzipping to not catch other material in the zipper, which can create a rip.
  • Always start taking apart the collapsible poles from the middle, this ensures you do not over stress them leading to a break.
  • Clean it before storing it in a bag. Most of the time this means just making sure to shake out any sand or dirt that made it’s way inside. If the tent gets muddy we recommend cleaning with fresh water and air drying, but be sure to check your tents specific manufacturers instructions.
  • Don’t store the tent if it is wet. One exception can be made if you store it for just a short period of time, around one day.Just be sure to unpack and let it air dry completely when you get back home.
  • Do not attempt to wash the tent in a washing machine.
  • Don’t allow the air inside while folding the tent. You cannot make it compact if the air remains inside.

In Conclusion

We always recommend any time you get a new tent to definitely practice and become familiar with setting it up before heading out into the wilderness. Doing this will also prevent any situations where the tent is damaged or missing parts and you only notice it when it is too late!As we have explained, it is equally important to be familiar on how to properly take apart, fold, and store your tent!

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